India Home


When Americans talk about what they admire most about immigrants - and yes, many Americans do admire immigrants - one thing they point to is how elderly people are supported in cultures from other parts of the world.  

But it turns out that caring for grandma and grandpa can get complicated when you’ve been uprooted from your home culture.  And immigrant families have the same challenges as many other Americans:  The kids grow up, get jobs, and move away.  Family support takes the form of phone calls and the occasional visit.

South Asian immigrants often face these problems.  Queens, New York has a huge population of immigrants from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other parts of South Asia, not to mention people of Indian descent who have immigrated from the Caribbean.

India Home is a group of community centers throughout the borough of Queens set up to support South Asian seniors.  Alex Wynn and Sruti Penumetsa are graduate students at The New School in New York.  They visited India Home and found that the centers create a sense of community among a very diverse group of senior citizens.