Relations between the U.S. and Pakistan are said to be at an all time low.  The current crisis is yet another challenge for Pakistani immigrants in the U.S. - already torn between their native country and their adopted home. Ever since the November 26th NATO air-strike that killed at least 25 Pakistani soldiers near the border with Afghanistan, the relationship between the two countries has been on a downward spiral.  The government in Islamabad has placed new restrictions on US military and intelligence operations in Pakistan, while at the same time accusing NATO of deliberately staging the fatal attack.  The U.S. says it was an accident.

Pakistani immigrants are keenly aware of the dangers posed by this latest crisis, and some are trying to figure out how the immigrant community should respond.   Joining FI2W's John Rudolph is Mohsin Zaheer is the founder and editor of the Pakistani Newspaper an online publication, and editor of Sade e Pakistan.