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In this podcast, Janie Shen and Shadi Garman delve into the challenges immigrant parents face when raising trilingual children. We'll hear from Professor Xiao-Lei Wang; Micky Wu, a Taiwanese multilingual teacher at My Mini Hands; and Kseniya Schneider, a Belarusian mother who is raising her son to speak Russian, Hebrew and English. 

Imagine moving to America and starting a new life with your family: nice home, better schools, new friends. But just when you begin to thrive, the secret you’ve been hiding suddenly gets out, and you find yourself thrown out on the streets, alone.

In this episode, Shiva Bayat introduces us to Belal Fadl, a man many consider one of the important voices of the revolutionary movement in Egypt. Now he’s in New York, another artist striving to make it in the one of the cultural capitals of the world. But Cairo and its preoccupations are never far behind.

In this episode of our new podcast series, a Filipina domestic worker escapes from harsh conditions and blossoms as an activist and an artist in New York City.

As part of Feet In Two Worlds' online magazine focusing on religion and faith in immigrant communities, we wanted to get a sense of what it’s like to report on religion for immigrant audiences for whom faith is an integral part of who they are and how they see themselves. FI2W Executive Producer John Rudolph speaks with Reem Nasr, one of the hosts of the radio show Muslim State of Mind on WBAI in New York; and Martyna Starosta, a video journalist with the Jewish Daily Forward about how they report on topics around identity and faith to communities who are dealing with these issues in a new country.


A movement that was once monolithic has become fragmented, with some activists abandoning the fight for comprehensive immigration reform altogether while others focus instead on local-level relief. In this podcast Fi2W Executive Producer John Rudolph and former editor Von Diaz talk with Thanu Yakupitiyage, the Communications Coordinator for The New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC) who runs a group for undocumented youth in New York. Listen to their conversation about why many undocumented youth are shifting focus, and what it could mean for the movement.

When it comes to citizenship for today's immigrants, the ground is shifting. Many immigrants who could become citizens, don't. Others say citizenship is less important for those who are undocumented, compared to obtaining legal status that would protect them from being deported. On this podcast, FI2W Executive Producer John Rudolph talks with Julissa Gutierrez of the National Association of Latino Elected Officials, and Mark Lopez, Director of Hispanic Research at the Pew Center about immigrants' changing attitudes towards citizenship.

In this podcast we discuss the process of skin bleaching in immigrant communities, and the reasons why people do it.

Africans are now the second largest immigrant community in the Bronx, and their influence on the borough's economy and culture is growing.

On this podcast, sounds and stories from Kaya Natin!, a literary benefit organized by Filipino American writers for survivors of Typhoon Haiyan at the Asian American Writers Workshop.

Mexicans are one of the fastest rising groups in New York, but Mexican young people have the highest dropout rate of any group in the New York City public schools. On this podcast, we discuss the causes of this trend and the efforts to reverse it.

This week, Marcela Gara discusses sound system parties in NYC.

On this podcast, Feet in 2 Worlds contributors, Carmel Pryor and Tatiana Galzy take a look at a new generation of designers and the rising influence of Chinese immigrants on American fashion.

In this podcast, FI2W’S Miranda Shafer and Sally Nnamani talked to immigrant black women from Africa and the Caribbean, to understand how they express their shifting identities in their different hair styles.

FI2W reporter Sara Loscos talks with actresses who are trying to lose their accents, and others who think sounding Latina is actually a career asset.

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