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Since 1970 voters in Harlem have sent Congressman Charles Rangel to represent them in Congress. Now he’s in a tough battle for reelection in a newly redrawn congressional district with a Latino majority.  55 per cent of the voters in New York’s 13th congressional district are Hispanic.  This is one of main challenges facing Congressman Rangel in his reelection bid.  Rangel was one of the founders of the Congressional Black Caucus, and he’s been a leading voice for African Americans in Congress.  On Tuesday June 26 Rangel faces four challengers in New York’s Democratic Primary, and he joins us on this week's podcast.


For Latinos, what could possibly be funny about the 2012 election? For an answer, Jack Tomas joins us on this podcast. He's  a blogger and film maker who writes about politics and other subjects from a Latino perspective, often using satire to make his point.  Jack is a new contributor to the Feet in 2 Worlds blog, and will be writing commentaries and new analysis for us on a regular basis.